Just Landed: Refunds and Disabling Stripe Payments Per Invoice

David Hemphill

November 28, 2016

This weekend the kids were asleep, the wife was snuggled up close to her phone, and the coding flow was deep. I managed to push out two of the most-requested features in our backlog: refunds and the ability to disable Stripe payments per-invoice.


Previously, and maybe embarassingly so, when you needed to refund a payment, you could refund the money from within Stripe, but couldn't delete the payment within PushSilver. Pretty sad, really. I even had a client of ours pay through Stripe when we requested a direct deposit, and I found myself deleting the payment directly in the database to reset them. I said, "No more!", and got to work. A little while later, refunds were complete, tested, and sent to the queue for deployment today!

Now, if an invoice is paid and you wish to refund the amount to your client, just head to the "Payments" area and click the big, red "Refund" button. This will immediately send them back the amount, including the fees Stripe imposes on the payment. If the payment is a manual payment (a payment that wasn't paid via Stripe), then it will simply put the amount back onto the invoice, essentially resetting it.

Disable Stripe Payments Per-invoice

A lot of my customers like to use Stripe for small payments, but some have clients that pay via direct deposit, mail them a check, or simply throw them cash under the table. That's fine with me! The problem arose when you had Stripe enabled for the small payments, but a client mistakenly paid via Stripe on a big invoice. In this situation, you may prefer to get paid via another method, but want to track it within PushSilver. Well, now we've added the option for you to keep your Stripe account attached to PushSilver, but you can disable Stripe payment per-invoice. Now you can simply disable it in the invoice builder before you hit "Create", and the payment option just won't show up. Never worry about a client paying with the wrong method accidentally again.

That's all the goodies for now, but you can be sure I'm hard at work on at least another hundred other cool features and improvements. More to come soon.