Huge Pricing Changes!

David Hemphill

June 14, 2017

What's Up?

PushSilver was always a great deal at the $10 and $15 monthly price points. But for folks who don't send invoices the entire year (moonlighters, freelancers, conference organizers), it didn't makes sense to charge them for something they weren't using part of the year. I wanted to change that. After talking with some folks on this podcast episode, we came up with what I think is a genius option that makes sense for everybody.

New Pricing Is What's Up.

If you don't send invoices regularly, but are wanting a good option for when you do, you can get a yearly account to PushSilver for $69 per year. This sure beats finding a random Pages invoice template and getting paid through the abomination that is Paypal. Just get paid through your Stripe instead of recreating your work, and paying more.

But here's the real kicker: if you want the best deal, and never want to worry about sending invoices for the REST OF YOUR LIFE, you should get a Lifetime account. Pay $139 once, and never think about it again. All new features to PushSilver are included. I'm in this for the long-haul, and I want you to be right along there with me.

Let's Kick It Off With a Special Promotion

To make this even more enticing, I'm offering a 🎉 SPECIAL PROMOTION 🎉.

Yearly accounts are $49 and Lifetime accounts are only $99. A Lifetime account is literally cheaper than a whole year of the old pricing ($180).

When Does The Promotion Start?

Today! I only do things on the 14th. Seriously:

  • My wife, two kids, and I are all born on the 14th.
  • I got engaged on February 14th.
  • I was married on August 14th.
  • My mother and brother were also born on the 14th.

So, it only makes sense to launch our new pricing on the 14th. We're running this promotion for a whole month, and prices will assume their final resting state on July 14th, so you'll want to sign up soon so you can to get the best deal.

What About All the Existing Paid Users?

Feel free to stay on your older, more-expensive plans, but I think the new pricing is much better considering you can get a LIFETIME account for less than a whole year of their current subscription.

What About All the Existing Free Users?

Free accounts are being retired with this launch, but don't fear! We're still giving you access to edit and view your existing invoices.

What's Next For PushSilver?

Here are a few of the items I've got in the pipeline:

  • Auto-incrementing invoices
  • Per-invoice currency settings
  • Estimates (Quotes)
  • Attach files to your invoices
  • Send invoices via snail mail
  • More recurring options
  • So much more ;-)

So you can rest assured, things are getting better and better.

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