Great New Features Coming to PushSilver

David Hemphill

July 31, 2017

Tax Labels, Tax Invoice Header, Global Footer Text, Invoice Notes, and Email Open Tracking

Everything is great in land of PushSilver and I'm excited to announce some new goodies launching today. These new features came as a result of users sending in their feedback, which is awesome!

Tax Labels

PushSilver has always allowed you to specify two different taxes to apply to an invoice when creating them. The problem was, they were always labeled "Tax 1" and "Tax 2", and while this got the job done, it didn't exactly provide a clean user experience to your clients, and didn't communicate why they were being applied. So now you can enter your own custom labels for each tax. Hopefully this helps your invoices look more considered and professional, all the while communicating information you're required to have.

Tax Invoice Header

In addition to custom labeling of taxes, users in Australia are required to have the words "Tax Invoice" on their invoices for reporting purposes. This language will be used automatically if your currency is set to AUD.

Global Footer Text

Sometimes you need to add a little extra text to every invoice. Maybe a support email address or just a bit of friendly reminder copy. Now you can include a line of text which will be applied across ALL of your invoices automatically. Use this for whatever you need!

Internal Invoice Notes

Many of you wanted a way to attach some extra data to an invoice... Things like internal deadlines, payment milestones, or general project information. PushSilver now has the ability to store this extra information for you. On the bottom of the create and edit pages of your invoices is a section allowing you to put arbitrary text you can reference later. This text will never be shown to the client, so it's safe for sensitive data. Use it for whatever you like!

Invoice Email Tracking

And lastly, when you're sending emails out to clients, it can be reassuring to know if the client has actually opened your invoice emails. Well now, I've added open tracking to the emails PushSilver sends out. If your client opens the email your invoice will gain an extra green check next to it in the invoice listing, telling you when your client opened the email. This should help in those "I didn't get your email" situations.


I hope all of these features make getting paid faster and more fun. I've got a whole slew of other things coming down the pipe that I can't wait to show you.