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Great New Features Coming to PushSilver

David Hemphill

July 31, 2017

Tax Labels, Tax Invoice Header, Global Footer Text, Invoice Notes, and Email Open Tracking

Everything is great in land of PushSilver and I'm excited to announce some new goodies launching today. These new features came as a result of users sending in their feedback, which is awesome!

Tax Labels

PushSilver has always allowed you to specify two different taxes to apply to an invoice when creating them. The problem was, they were always labeled "Tax 1" and "Tax 2", and while this got the job done, it didn't exactly provide a clean user experience to your clients, and didn't communicate why they were being applied. So now you can enter your own custom labels for each tax. Hopefully this helps your invoices look more considered and professional, all the while communicating information you're required to have.

Tax Invoice Header

In addition to custom labeling of taxes, users in Australia are required to have the words "Tax Invoice" on their invoices for reporting purposes. This language will be used automatically if your currency is set to AUD.

Global Footer Text

Sometimes you need to add a little extra text to every invoice. Maybe a support email address or just a bit of friendly reminder copy. Now you can include a line of text which will be applied across ALL of your invoices automatically. Use this for whatever you need!

Internal Invoice Notes

Many of you wanted a way to attach some extra data to an invoice... Things like internal deadlines, payment milestones, or general project information. PushSilver now has the ability to store this extra information for you. On the bottom of the create and edit pages of your invoices is a section allowing you to put arbitrary text you can reference later. This text will never be shown to the client, so it's safe for sensitive data. Use it for whatever you like!

Invoice Email Tracking

And lastly, when you're sending emails out to clients, it can be reassuring to know if the client has actually opened your invoice emails. Well now, I've added open tracking to the emails PushSilver sends out. If your client opens the email your invoice will gain an extra green check next to it in the invoice listing, telling you when your client opened the email. This should help in those "I didn't get your email" situations.


I hope all of these features make getting paid faster and more fun. I've got a whole slew of other things coming down the pipe that I can't wait to show you.


Huge Pricing Changes!

David Hemphill

June 14, 2017

What's Up?

PushSilver was always a great deal at the $10 and $15 monthly price points. But for folks who don't send invoices the entire year (moonlighters, freelancers, conference organizers), it didn't makes sense to charge them for something they weren't using part of the year. I wanted to change that. After talking with some folks on this podcast episode, we came up with what I think is a genius option that makes sense for everybody.

New Pricing Is What's Up.

If you don't send invoices regularly, but are wanting a good option for when you do, you can get a yearly account to PushSilver for $69 per year. This sure beats finding a random Pages invoice template and getting paid through the abomination that is Paypal. Just get paid through your Stripe instead of recreating your work, and paying more.

But here's the real kicker: if you want the best deal, and never want to worry about sending invoices for the REST OF YOUR LIFE, you should get a Lifetime account. Pay $139 once, and never think about it again. All new features to PushSilver are included. I'm in this for the long-haul, and I want you to be right along there with me.

Let's Kick It Off With a Special Promotion

To make this even more enticing, I'm offering a 🎉 SPECIAL PROMOTION 🎉.

Yearly accounts are $49 and Lifetime accounts are only $99. A Lifetime account is literally cheaper than a whole year of the old pricing ($180).

When Does The Promotion Start?

Today! I only do things on the 14th. Seriously:

  • My wife, two kids, and I are all born on the 14th.
  • I got engaged on February 14th.
  • I was married on August 14th.
  • My mother and brother were also born on the 14th.

So, it only makes sense to launch our new pricing on the 14th. We're running this promotion for a whole month, and prices will assume their final resting state on July 14th, so you'll want to sign up soon so you can to get the best deal.

What About All the Existing Paid Users?

Feel free to stay on your older, more-expensive plans, but I think the new pricing is much better considering you can get a LIFETIME account for less than a whole year of their current subscription.

What About All the Existing Free Users?

Free accounts are being retired with this launch, but don't fear! We're still giving you access to edit and view your existing invoices.

What's Next For PushSilver?

Here are a few of the items I've got in the pipeline:

  • Auto-incrementing invoices
  • Per-invoice currency settings
  • Estimates (Quotes)
  • Attach files to your invoices
  • Send invoices via snail mail
  • More recurring options
  • So much more ;-)

So you can rest assured, things are getting better and better.

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Recurring Invoices Are Here!

David Hemphill

January 4, 2017

PushSilver started as a humble side-project, created to make my life easier when getting paid by clients. It was created to eliminate hand-rolling an invoice in Pages, manually emailing a client the PDF, and asking them to pay via check or even (gasp!) PayPal. It was designed to be so simple and clean so you could spend more time building, creating, or doing whatever you do. It's with that simplicity and ease-of-use in mind that I keeping pushing the product to be better.

The Next Step

The next step in solving client payment woes for freelancers, small agencies and other folks grinding it out is helping you get paid on a schedule. Recurring revenue can be one of the hardest things to get started with, but has the power to ease your mind like nothing else. Whether you have a retainer with your regular clients or run a productized service you charge monthly for, recurring revenue is the holy grail of the freelancer's life.

So launching today for PushSilver's Freelancer customers is monthly recurring invoices. Here's how it works:

  • Head to the new recurring invoices area
  • Fill out all of the details, just like a normal invoice
  • Pick the date you'd like the recurring invoice to start. The day you select will be the same day it's sent every month.
  • Choose a payment schedule. Pick from "Due on receipt" and other Net-D options
  • Pick the time of day you'd like the invoice to be sent
  • Choose whether you'd like to automatically send it to the client

From there, every month at the right time, PushSilver will gather the recurring invoices and schedule them to be sent. You'll get a notification that it was sent and so will your client, but only if you've set them to auto-send. Otherwise, you'll get a reminder that the invoice was created and is ready to be further edited/viewed. This gives you an opportunity to customize the invoice before it gets sent. You can also set a recurring invoice to be inactive if you need to skip a few months. Lots of flexibility.

Life By A Thousand Improvements

Even though I was hard at work designing, building, and testing recurring invoices, I took the opportunity to tune up a bunch of things which had been bothering me. Here's a small sampling of the things which got some love:

  • Revamped visual design of the whole app
  • Inline client adding when creating invoices
  • Invoice previews now show directly in the app, not a separate area
  • You can now customize the way your dates display. (UK users will love this!)
  • Improved billing and payment method editing
  • Every email has been redesigned to look more professional
  • UX improvments everywhere like being able to hit the escape key to close modals
  • We've created an interface to choose your timezone
  • Support for AUD and CAD


With the new year here, many people are working on growing their business, taking some projects on the side, or just now considering heading out on their own. PushSilver is a tool which takes the headache out of getting paid for your work. Maybe it's time for you to sign up?

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Just Landed: Refunds and Disabling Stripe Payments Per Invoice

David Hemphill

November 28, 2016

This weekend the kids were asleep, the wife was snuggled up close to her phone, and the coding flow was deep. I managed to push out two of the most-requested features in our backlog: refunds and the ability to disable Stripe payments per-invoice.


Previously, and maybe embarassingly so, when you needed to refund a payment, you could refund the money from within Stripe, but couldn't delete the payment within PushSilver. Pretty sad, really. I even had a client of ours pay through Stripe when we requested a direct deposit, and I found myself deleting the payment directly in the database to reset them. I said, "No more!", and got to work. A little while later, refunds were complete, tested, and sent to the queue for deployment today!

Now, if an invoice is paid and you wish to refund the amount to your client, just head to the "Payments" area and click the big, red "Refund" button. This will immediately send them back the amount, including the fees Stripe imposes on the payment. If the payment is a manual payment (a payment that wasn't paid via Stripe), then it will simply put the amount back onto the invoice, essentially resetting it.

Disable Stripe Payments Per-invoice

A lot of my customers like to use Stripe for small payments, but some have clients that pay via direct deposit, mail them a check, or simply throw them cash under the table. That's fine with me! The problem arose when you had Stripe enabled for the small payments, but a client mistakenly paid via Stripe on a big invoice. In this situation, you may prefer to get paid via another method, but want to track it within PushSilver. Well, now we've added the option for you to keep your Stripe account attached to PushSilver, but you can disable Stripe payment per-invoice. Now you can simply disable it in the invoice builder before you hit "Create", and the payment option just won't show up. Never worry about a client paying with the wrong method accidentally again.

That's all the goodies for now, but you can be sure I'm hard at work on at least another hundred other cool features and improvements. More to come soon.


Announcing The PushSilver Blog

David Hemphill

November 28, 2016

PushSilver has been around for about a year officially, and about a year unofficially before that. I was never really sure if this little payments side-project would ever take off (and I'm not still not certain it will yet). However, some folks have found their way to the product, and have trusted their invoicing with us, all without any marketing being put into it.

But, now that it has hundreds of users and customers, I think it's time to honor those loyal SilverPushers' (is that cheesy?) time by being more open and commmunicative with my development cycle and process. Naturally, one of the best ways to do that is to launch a blog and tell you about all of the good things we have in store. And that we will do. Starting today.